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English Breakfast Teabags 50s

English Breakfast Teabags 50s

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Chanui English Breakfast is a blend capturing the essence of Sri Lanka's renowned Dimbulla region, tailored to the taste of Kiwi tea lovers and now enjoyed the world over. The Dimbulla is known for its unique high-grown tea, the region's distinct climate and high altitude yield a full-bodied, brisk, and beautifully aromatic brew that's cherished by tea connoisseurs worldwide.

This full-bodied tea offers a dark and rich flavour that has found a special place in the hearts of tea enthusiasts.

The tradition of enjoying a cup of English Breakfast tea in the morning, popularised by Queen Victoria, remains cherished worldwide. Chanui English Breakfast, with its approximate 40-50mg caffeine content per cup, provides a refreshing start to your day fit for a queen.

Whether you opt for the convenience of our teabags or savour the classic loose-leaf brew, Chanui English Breakfast promises a satisfying tea experience. It perfectly embodies a blend of tradition and boldness, offering an invigorating start or re-start to your day. 

So, why not make Chanui English Breakfast part of your daily ritual? Treat yourself or a friend to this delightful blend and let the spirit of Dimbulla enrich your tea-drinking moments. It’s Bloody Good Tea. 

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