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Experience rich flavour profiles from our loose leaf tea range. Chanui brings you fresh and high-quality loose leaf tea online, so you can enjoy unparalleled freshness and satisfying tea time every day.

Why go for loose leaf tea?

Enjoy more nuanced flavours when you buy loose leaf tea from Chanui. Our tea is as fresh as it gets, providing you with better quality and a genuine taste of tea leaves.

Brewing Instructions

  1. Boil water to the optimal temperature. (Remember that the ideal water temperature for brewing will be based on personal preferences and the specific characteristics of your tea. For black teas, we recommend a water temperature of 90 to 98°C. For green teas, 80°C to 88°C is good.)
  2. Use one teaspoon per eight ounces of water. 
  3. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves evenly for proper steeping.
  4. Steep your black teas for 3-5 minutes and white and green teas for 1-3 minutes.
  5. Remove the tea leaves promptly to avoid bitterness or weakness in flavour.

Get Exquisite Loose Leaf Teas at Chanui

Discover exquisite flavours and elevate your well-being with a delightful cup of loose-leaf tea from Chanui. We offer a variety of flavours for a refreshing sensory experience, from classic English Breakfast to Green tea.

Our teas are a popular choice for both tea enthusiasts and casual tea drinkers for their taste, quality, and freshness. Order yours today and get free shipping on all orders over £50.

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