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Your body might be weary, but sometimes, your mind just isn't ready for that deep dive into sleep. Enter: Chamomile Tea by Chanui - your nighttime saviour.

The chamomile legacy: Belonging to the daisy family, chamomile is an herb celebrated for centuries. There are two primary types - German and Roman. Ours is made from the German variation, favoured by most and often remembered through the age-old rhyme: "Embrace your budding garden’s prime, Grow German in the summertime..."

A symphony of taste: Derived from flowers, our chamomile gives a floral and slightly sweet flavour profile, with a gentle earthy undertone. A distinctive aroma reminiscent of honey and apples wafts up as you brew, transporting you back to comforting memories of warm apple crumbles.

Restful benefits: More than just a tasty beverage, chamomile is the essence of tranquility. Rich in chamazulene and bisabolol, it interacts with receptors related to stress and anxiety. And it's not just about mental calm; bisabolol is also known for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Efficient sleep: A warm cup of our decaffeinated chamomile tea can "hack" your body's thermostat, priming it for restful sleep. The temporary rise in body temperature from the hot beverage encourages natural cooling mechanisms, making it an excellent part of your bedtime ritual.

How to enjoy: To relish the full flavour and benefits, steep our tea for 4-5 minutes. Personalise with your preferred sweetener and maybe a slice of lemon.

Our tea is caffeine-free and generally safe for most, including expecting mothers. However, always consult healthcare professionals for any major dietary decisions.

In essence, if you're seeking a serene end to a bustling day or a new companion for your evening relaxation, Chanui Chamomile Tea is your "Bloody Good" choice.

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