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Usually we estimate 3-5 working days for NZ deliveries. However, it can take a little longer depending on courier workloads.

Orders & Returns

If you are not happy with the product, please email us at info@chanui.com with details of purchase. While we do not normally accept product returns, we will provide a refund if the quality is less than the high standard we have set.

The best way to get our tea or biscuits ranged in your local supermarket is to ask for it as they often listen to customer requests. You can also let us know and will can get our local rep to present our tea. Alternatively, you can buy it from our online store - orders over $50 are freight free.


No, we care about what you drink and do not use microplastics to seal our teabags, or in packaging our biscuits.

All Chanui teabags are made of natural fibres. Chanui Organic Green teabags are compostable and we are working toward the entire teabag range being compostable in 2022.

Almost all of our teas are from Sri Lanka where legislation protects plantation workers. We also monitor suppliers too.


Yes they are, we also include that on our packaging - not suitable for those with nut allergies, sorry!


You can be confident you’re drinking top quality. Special Reserve leaf tea is processed using a CTC (Cut Tea Curl) method to create a strong robust taste with plenty of colour.

It’s not foil, but coated plastic which is recyclable (recycling.kiwi.nz). We use this to ensure the tea remains fresh, and therefore better tasting.