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Bring a sense of peace and calm into your every day with our range of herbal teas. Chanui offers only the best herbal tea online, with flavourful blends from traditional tea leaves and delightful herbal infusions. Experience the joy of creating your own herbal tea blends at home. Shop at Chanui today.

  • Revealing the Riches of Rooibos

    So you’re looking to learn the lore of loose leaf? Staggering as you step on your steeping safari? We’ll set you right It really isn’t difficult and making tea with loose leaves not only consistently yields a better tasting result, but also provides a rewarding and worthwhile experience.

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  • Calming Down with Chamomile

    In this blog post, we’ll give you a rundown on everything you need to know about this wonderfully calming drink. From its soothing effects to how to cultivate your own if you’re feeling green fingered. 

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