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Peppermint Teabags 25s

Peppermint Teabags 25s

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From the bustling streets of Morocco to the serene landscapes of ancient Greece, peppermint has long held a revered place in global history. At Chanui, we've journeyed through time and cultures to bring you a peppermint experience like no other with our Peppermint Teabags.

Think of a Moroccan afternoon, where a blend of mint and green tea with a hint of sugar fills the air, symbolising hospitality and warmth. Our peppermint teabags seek to encapsulate that same essence, providing a rejuvenating touch to any time of the day.

But it doesn't stop there. Dive deeper into history, and you'll uncover tales of the Native Americans who turned to wild mint leaves as a remedy for an upset stomach. Similarly, ancient Greeks and Egyptians recognised the medicinal might of peppermint where peppermint leaves were (and still are) revered for their healing properties.

So, why choose Chanui? It's simple. Our peppermint leaves are hand-selected, ensuring that each brew is consistent, refreshing, and, as we like to say, Bloody Good!

Steeping advice? Keep it under 10 minutes to avoid that bitter aftertaste. And for those wondering about caffeine? Rest easy. Our pure peppermint teabags offer all the rejuvenation without the kick.

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