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Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits

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Dive mouth-first into a pack of Chanui Anzac Biscuits, where tradition meets your taste buds in a deliciously crunchy embrace.

Ever been fooled by a snack that promises satisfaction but leaves you raiding the cupboard 10 minutes after your tea break? Well that won’t happen with these oaty little blighters. It will be temptation, not hunger that gets you reaching for another.

With the subtle smokiness of golden syrup, fragrant coconut and buttery…butter our Anzac biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to a well earned tea break.

Originally, ANZAC biscuit recipes prioritised shelf life for the lengthy sea voyages of soldiers in World War I. Today, Chanui Anzac Biscuits are crafted right here in NZ, allowing us to shift the spotlight from endurance to pure flavour and indulgent enjoyment.

Brew yourself a strong cup of English breakfast tea that can stand up to this absolute legend of the biscuit world. Each pack contains 13 delicious biscuits.

Dunkability: As long as it takes to say Australian New Zealand Army Corp!

Each pack contains 13 delicious biscuits.

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