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Irish Breakfast Teabags 50s

Irish Breakfast Teabags 50s

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Irish Breakfast Tea boasts a more robust and malty flavour than English Breakfast tea and typically contains more Assam, giving the brew a distinct reddish hue.

Assam, a state in northeastern India, has an ideal climate for cultivating tea and is the largest tea-producing region in the world. Assam tea is derived from the indigenous tea plant known as Camellia sinensis var, which has larger leaves compared to the Chinese variant, resulting in a naturally stronger flavour profile.

Tea is deeply embedded in Irish culture, with Ireland ranking second in global per capita tea consumption. Historical hardships significantly influenced the tea habits of the Irish people, and it's now a symbol of their renowned hospitality.

Sources conflict as to why the Irish prefer a more Assam-heavy blend, but the historical abundance of dairy in Ireland likely played a part with stronger flavours standing up to the richness of adding milk. Read more about Irish tea culture in our extensive post. 

Reach for Chanui Irish Breakfast when before, during and after your most gruelling tasks. It’ll give you a lift and the robust flavour will kick you out of any fatigue you might be feeling. 

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