15 Cups is Probably too Many

15 Cups is Probably too Many

Cup, thermos and peppermint tea sliding onto a table

Kia ora

I was talking to someone this morning about things my generation did differently, and as it often does, the conversation turned to tea consumption.

I feel like when I was young people didn’t really drink water. It was tea or milk. Water was reserved for when someone fainted. Even if I’d been out playing on the hottest day of the year and then burst through the front door gasping, ‘Mum, I’m thirsty! Please can I have a drink?’, the next thing I’d hear wouldn’t be, 'Yes Doug, take this tall glass of cool, refreshing water.'

It would be the click of the kettle.

While I’m sure the trend of drinking more water is a net benefit to people’s health, I do have a sneaking suspicion that viral challenges like the “Water Gallon Challenge” were cooked up by Big Water Bottle Inc.

I think it’s time Chanui got in on the act.

I just googled how much a gallon is. It’s 4.54 litres or 15 average-sized cups. Roughly the daily recommended amount (by me).

I hereby invite you to join me in drinking 15 cups of tea per day, then tag all your friends to join the challenge. It’s time to go viral! #15CupChallenge

To avoid encouraging you to consume dangerous levels of caffeine, why not enjoy a free box of peppermint tea when you buy any four boxes of leaf tea on the Chanui website? Just use offer code Peppermint_Pour at the checkout. I’ll put the kettle on.




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