21/06/2011 - New Look Website

Check out our new look website. It's got a new look, new style, and easier to use checkout. In fact, check it out! Right now!

1/03/2011 - Chamomile envelope teabags

Chanui introduces Chamomile envelope teabags. Perfect for a late-evening cuppa if you’re trying to get off to sleep.

1/02/2011 - Chanui sponsors LG Mystics

Chanui announces sponsorship of flag-flying Kiwi netball team the LG Mystics.

14/09/2010 - Envelope Teabags

Chanui launches ultra-convenient “envelope teabags” - the type you find in hotel suites - to complement our existing teabag packs.

25/05/2010 - Air New Zealand & Chanui

Air New Zealand starts using Chanui tea on all its domestic and trans-Tasman flights.

5/05/2010 - Chanui Sponsors Mt Albert Under 10 League Team

Chanui announces sponsorship of the Mt Albert Under-10 league team.

19/11/2009 - 100 Pack of Teabags

The Foodtown, Woolworths and Countdown supermarket chains come to Chanui and say, “...

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17/02/2009 - Chanui introduces teabags

Chanui introduces teabags. We said we would never do it... but we have had so many requests from customers that we have relented. We have not compromised on quality, however - so now we not only have the best quality tea, we also have the best quality tea...

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3/02/2009 - Chai...Cha....Chanui - The Name Change

Chai changes its name to Chanui. Due to trademark issues with the word “...

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11/06/2008 - Chai into Countdown

Chai is introduced into all Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand as sales continue to show strong growth.

22/06/2006 - Chai Advertises on TV

Growth is going well so Chai begins advertising on television in New Zealand for the first time. However, due to the resultant surge in popularity, Chai decided to withdraw the ads after 2 weeks as it wanted to ensure it only sourced premium quality teas ...

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12/12/2005 - Tea Canisters Launched

Chai launches tea canisters. Not only do these canisters look good and store tea as it should be stored, they make a perfect gift for friends and family.

19/10/2005 - Air New Zealand’s Koru lounges serves Chai

Air New Zealand’s Koru lounges decide Chai loose leaf tea is the best on the market and start serving our tea - now business people and frequent travellers can relax and take a break in the lounge and enjoy a decent cuppa.

1/09/2005 - Chai Launches in South Africa

Chai loose leaf tea is launched in South Africa, with the first shipment due in Cape Town in November - now South Africans can also drink New Zealand's best tea.

4/07/2005 - Chai Online Shop Launched

Chai Online Shop launched so now you can buy your favourite tea and have them delivered right to your front door.

1/07/2005 - Doug on the Good Morning Show

Chai founder Doug Hastie appears on Good Morning Show discussing the Chai range of tea’s and their health benefits.

8/03/2005 - Pinto Express Distributes Chai

Pinto Express starts distributing Chai to cafes around Auckland so tea drinkers can now also enjoy their cafe experience and not be fobbed off with low-grade teabags. Café owners notice an instant increase in tea drinking customers.

17/02/2005 - Chai launched nationwide

Chai launched nationwide in all Foodtown and Woolworth’s stores in New Zealand - now people as far south at Gore or as far north as Kerikeri can drink top quality tea.

28/09/2004 - Hiltons White restaurant uses Chai

Hiltons White restaurant and Bellini bar start using Chai to satisfy their customers demand for premium quality tea. Chai Pounamu organic green launched with the barmen amazed that customers were returning for 2 or 3 pots - they had never seen anything li...

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28/08/2004 - Doug marries Kuniko

Doug Hastie marries Kuniko Saito in Ube, Japan.

11/08/2004 - Chai trialed in inner city

Chai trialed in inner city Auckland Foodtown and Woolworth’s and achieved outstanding success.

21/04/2004 - Chai launched in South Island

Chai launched in South Island as mainlanders complained that they could not get a good cuppa with winter approaching.

23/03/2004 - Japanese buying agent spots Chai tea

Japanese buying agent spots Chai tea on the shelves of Victoria Park Market and contacts Chai to send shipment's of tea to Japan. Cliché...

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20/06/2003 - Chai launched to the lower North Island

Chai launched to the lower North Island at the Wellington Food Show.

11/03/2003 - Chai launched at Victoria Park New World in Auckland

Chai launched at Victoria Park New World in Auckland. Aucklanders at last had a top quality tea – the fastest growing hot beverage in the states and people became more aware of its health benefits.

23/01/2003 - Chai first hits New Zealand at Taumarunui

Chai first hits New Zealand at Taumarunui New World with the Tropical Sunrise being the first packet sold!

14/05/2002 - Doug Hastie sets out on his odyssey

Doug Hastie sets out on his odyssey to visit the best tea plantations in Asia travelling to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka. In Tokyo Doug meets Kuniko Saito who later becomes his wife.

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28/04/2002 - The Start

Doug Hastie gets fed up drinking low grade tea bags, spits out his tea and says I’m not drinking that %$&*@@ and vows to find the best quality tea for Kiwi's.

New Zealand's best tea