Chanui makes the switch to unbleached teabags

Chanui makes the switch to unbleached teabags

I’ve always believed that something as simple and wholesome as a bloody good cup of tea shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. If I had it my way, we’d all be steeping loose leaf, but that’s a subject for a different blog post. A blog post titled: For the love of loose leaf.


Previous iterations of our teabags were made from natural fibres but didn’t fully decompose in home compost settings. This was brought to my attention by the green-fingered members of our community of tea lovers.


I’m happy to announce that we have long since made the switch to fully biodegradable teabags that break down in domestic compost. They’re made from 100% natural, unbleached fibres, ensuring your compost remains free from synthetic materials.


You might notice some ‘discolouration’ on the teabags in newer boxes of Chanui. This is just the natural colour of the fibres used before bleaching, and it’s absolutely as intended.


This means no residue of any chlorine-containing compounds, fewer resources used in the production process, and a better contribution to your compost by breaking down completely.


But don’t worry as you get through your older stock of Chanui. Our tea bags have always met rigorous safety standards and won’t do you any harm whatsoever. Any residue from the bleaching process is all but imperceptible to most people’s palates. We did a blind taste test in the office, and no one performed better than random chance.


We’re just trying to make small, positive changes as we chug along on this pale blue dot.


Finally, I’d like to thank our customer Gordon for his incredibly valuable, constructive feedback of our products. When we offered him some tea to say thank you, Gordon agreed but only so he could donate it to his local food bank so people more needy than himself could benefit. Let’s all be a bit more like Gordon.


So there it is, yet another reason to feel bloody good about drinking bloody good tea!




Doug Hastie


Director, Chanui

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