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The Chanui Story

Chanui was founded in 2002 when Doug Hastie was fed up with drinking low grade tea and struggled to find any good quality tea in New Zealand. Doug set out on an adventure to visit the best plantations in Asia, travelling to: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. On his adventure, he met his future wife.


It was extremely hard to get into supermarkets at the beginning due to the market share of the big companies. Chanuiā€™s entry point into supermarkets started with only leaf tea, with Doug storing the tea at his house. Going into New World Supermarkets and running tea tastings was the only way that Doug could market the product. It was very hard at the beginning.


Slowly distribution was built and Chanui started selling tea bags as that is what consumers preferred, this followed shortly after with television advertising. Testimonial ads were made due to the low cost and effectiveness of them. With rapid growth in the tea market, Chanui introduced biscuits in 2015. Since the introduction of biscuits we have noticed many other supermarket categories that have lost touch with the consumer.


Chanui is the only New Zealand owned tea and biscuit company, all major tea and biscuit companies are now foreign owned. Chanui is a proud New Zealand owned and operated company that started from small beginnings. We have stayed loyal to the same suppliers since the beginning. We believe in relationships and working with people whose company we enjoy.


Our focus is on experience. Our story is about battling the odds and perseverance. The experience of Chanui means something special to each of our unique customers.

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